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Title: Tsunami Defense Combining Coastal Vegetation and The Banking Of Coastal Roads
Authors: Kosuke Iimura, Norio Tanaka and Kenji Harada
Keywords: coastal vegetation
Issue Date: 27-Oct-2009
Abstract: Coastal vegetation is currently being introduced as a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the destructive force of tsunami events. Remarkable examples that support the above strategy were documented during the recent Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. However, there are many coastal locations which cannot accommodate sufficient vegetation width due to restrictions imposed by land use. Therefore, this study evaluates the tsunami defense effect by the banking of coastal roads, and the overall effect of combining the embankment (i.e. banking of road) with coastal vegetation is also considered. Tsunami defense effects on tsunami run-up height, fluid force and arrival time reduction have been investigated by one dimensional numerical simulation based on non-linear long wave equations. Pandanus odoratissimus was selected as the most effective coastal vegetation barrier. As banking height becomes large, the tsunami defense effect also increases, but the width of the road has no influence on tsunami defense effect. In cases where the embankment and coastal vegetation are combined, the tsunami defense effect becomes most significant when the road is on the land side, i.e., behind the vegetation. When banking height is 1.0m, run-up height decreases by 11.1% and maximum fluid force decreases by 14.7%, compared to the effect of coastal vegetation alone. When the road is located in front of the vegetation (sea side), or inside the vegetation, the decrease is small.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/527
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