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Title: Interactive Map-based Information System for Disaster Risk Reduction in Aceh
Authors: Nasaruddin
Keywords: disaster risk reduction
Information Sistem
Issue Date: 19-Dec-2012
Publisher: tdmrc
Abstract: Abstract-Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is an issue to identifying, assesing and reducing the risks of disasters. At the early stage in DRR, the application of information technology can be very important in pre-disaster phases such as risk assesments, preparedness or prevention, and so on. So far Aceh province has no interactive map-based disaster risk information system which can be used to increase public awereness of the risk and to support decision making at DRR issue. Therefore, the development of such information system is needed. The objectives of this research are to provide the conceptual design and prototype of interactive map-based information system for DRR in Aceh and to provide information related to natural disaster risk for decision making process. In this paper, an iterative design method for de veloping the system, accessing natural disasters data and their spatial visualization are introduced. The interactive information system has been initiated at the prototype of disaster risk management information system (DRMIS) under project of DRR for Aceh, but it was providing only hazard maps of a variety of natural disasters in Aceh. Currently, it is extended to support Aceh natural disaster risk maps. The risk maps will assist efforts of mitigation and preparedness to reduce the risks of natural disasters. Finally, the results of this research are a prototype of web map-based information system that is prepared to be accessible online through Internet and interactively display of hazard maps, vulnerability maps, and risk maps of natural disasters in Aceh. Keyword: risk map, information system, interactive map, DRMIS, natural disaster.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/10376
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